Friday, June 15, 2012

Picture story #5: Japan Day 3 (part 2)

Again, from my camera's perspective...

japan building
Walking through the Shimogamo neighborhood. This was one of the buildings there with a nice design!

We had our morning walk around the area and ended up by the river

Look at that nice view!

It's pretty cool and cold under the bridge

Kamogawa it says :) Yay I can still read Hiragana!

We decided to walk back home for breakfast. :)

And this is what's for breakfast! I think this is typical for Japanese because when I was an exchange student, I have bread and butter everyday for breakfast. Plus fruits and milk. We loaded ourselves with carbs to give us enough energy for the day!

That's us again, walking to the train station.

japan vendo
Some of the few vending machines scattered everywhere. And when I say everywhere I do mean EVERYWHERE. It's all over! You can find it in the least places you'd expect :))

See, these ones even sell cigs! How weird is that?  I wonder if they ask for IDs haha

And then I took random photos in the subway 

Train interior...sorry it's a bit blurry

I forgot the name of this Shrine :((

Sakura petals that have fallen to the ground...

The last ones of the flowers that are still remaining. Strongly holding on

So we're back again at the train station. This platform looks quite different, this has glass doors and windows at the edge of the platform. The train's doors will be aligned to the fixed doors on the platform. This prevents "accidents" such as people falling into the railway (or intentionally?)

not too jam-packed :)

I told you these were everywhere... and this one's for ice cream! Cool!

Yukatassss :((

Want to buy one for myself. But I won't have any use for it back in the Philippines

Some amazing fake food art (typical of Japanese)

My lunch!!! I think this meal costs 350 pesos. It's worth it. Filled me up really good!

Looks so modern

So this is the Catholic Church


Hey look! Another familiar establishment to a foreigner's eye hahaha

This is at Kyoto Museum. This is a hologram of their geography and it looks so much mora amazing in person. The mountains look like they're floating in the air (as if you could touch it) But this hologram gave me headaches afterwards. haah!

A diorama with a cool projection...inside

See that? Those people inside there are animated!

and we headed to McDo for a quick snack! We were curious how McDo tastes like in Japan. =P

This is what I love about Japan-their humongous sidewalks!

Toire with the typical japanese buttons...

I wasn't "that" adventurous enough to try them! haha!

At Kyoto International Manga Museum

I love the buildings!

This building is being built....look at that neat scaffolding and (debris protector?)

more cool buildings!

Yukatas worn on the streets of Kyoto...very typical Japanese (especially in very tradtional and modern Kyoto)

It's shopping time!!

Look at these goodies!!


And then we got lost....

We're lost but we still enjoyed the bright lights of Kyoto at night

Familiar LOGOS!!

Hey we found our way to the pack!

Waiting for seats to be emptied...

Kaiten sushi!

This is as authentic as it can get!!

What I shopped for!!! It was a pain to carry!!

Preparing our futons for bedtime...step 1


3...almost done!!

finished!! ain't that beautiful?

my bills turned to coins :((

japan shampoo

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